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    • Rolf de By

      Rolf de By Theme leader for the field of Spatial Data Infrastructure - TechnologyFaculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente (ITC)

      Prof. Rolf de By is the theme leader for the field of Spatial Data Infrastructure and Technology at the faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente (ITC).

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    • Thomas Hertel

      Thomas Hertel Distinguished Professor of Agricultural EconomicsPurdue University

      Professor Thomas Hertel is Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, where his research focuses on the economy-wide impacts of global trade and environmental policies. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP).

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    • Ulrike Wood-Sichra

      Ulrike Wood-Sichra IFPRI

      Ulrike has been involved with HC since its inception, looking primarily after crop related data as it migrates from the Spatial Production Allocation Model to Harvest Choice. But other data handling and conversion operations also end up on her plate. Since graduating from Vienna’s Technical University with an MA in Mathematics and Computer Science, Ulrike has worked in agriculture and natural resources projects. First as staff of IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria, and then as a freelance consultant in developing countries around the globe, with many years spent in Indonesia. Her main employers were ...

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    • Carlo Azzarri

      Carlo Azzarri Senior Research StaffIFPRI

      Carlo Azzarri is a current member of the HarvestChoice team. Prior to joining IFPRI, Carlo was a team member of the Living Standard Measurements Study (LSMS) of the research group (poverty and inequality) at the World Bank. He was also a member of the Rural Income Generating Activities (RIGA) team at FAO, where he served as consultant on agricultural development research topics, analyzing data and co-authoring research papers. In his works he studied poverty, nutrition, food security, agriculture, and migration, carrying on micro as well as macroeconomic analysis, both at a quantitative (th...

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    • exhibitor - John Kapoi Kipterer

      John Kapoi Kipterer GIS AnalystRCMRD


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    • Lieven Claessens

      Lieven Claessens Principal Scientist Natural Resources (Soil & Water)ICRISAT

      Lieven Claessens has extensive experience with the spatial analysis, integrated assessment and modelling of soil – landscape - land use systems. He developed the LAPSUS-LS landscape process model, a spatially explicit methodology for predicting landslide hazard and quantifying associated soil redistribution. In addition he has experience with crop growth simulation models (DSSAT), digital soil mapping, land use change modeling and integrated assessments of agricultural systems and with a focus on agricultural systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Current research is focusing on modeling interactio...

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    • exhibitor - Karl Morteo

      Karl Morteo Food and Agriculture Organization

      Karl Morteo is currently employed by the Food and Agriculture Organization http://www.fao.org in the Information Technology Division, managing data centric, mobile and specialized knowledge information systems solutions and services in support of the struggle to free the world of hunger & malnutrition. Presently he is managing a strategic project to unite the Organization's data including statistics, maps, pictures and documents http://data.fao.org.

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    • Kai Sonder

      Kai Sonder CIMMYT

      Specialization: GIS, targeting, up scaling, spatial web map applications. Research Interest: Kai Sonder is the head of the GIS unit of CIMMYT, a cross cutting service unit embedded in the Socioeconomics Program, based in the HQ in Mexico. Dr. Sonder joined CIMMYT in early 2010. He does research on GIS, spatial analysis, targeting, remote sensing, climate change and crop modeling in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Prior to joining CIMMYT, he held the position of head of the geospatial lab of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Nigeria contributing to the centre’s ...

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    • exhibitor - Reinhard Simon

      Reinhard Simon 

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    • Todd Slind

      Todd Slind FOUNDER/PRINCIPALSpatialDev

      Todd started his career planning transportation systems. It was there that he got hooked on geospatial technology. "In transportation, GIS went from a novel technology to an indispensable tool almost overnight," said Todd. Soon, Todd's focus shifted away from civil infrastructure toward Geo-ICT applied to a variety of sectors. At SpatialDev, Todd hopes to deconstruct some of the over-complexity that has crept into the industry over the past decade. "Our company has a credo: 'Simple. Spatial. Sustainable.' We want to build things that are cost-effective, maintainable and just plain work." Wh...

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    • Zhe Guo

      Zhe Guo 

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    • Budhendra Bhaduri

      Budhendra Bhaduri Corporate Research Fellow and Group LeaderOak Ridge National Laboratory

      Education PhD, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue University (1998). MS, Geology, Kent State University (1995). MSc, Geology, University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India (1992). BSc, (Honors), Geology, University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India (1989). Research Experience and Interests Dr. Budhendra Bhaduri is a Corporate Research Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and leads the Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) group within the Computing and Computational Sciences directorate. He is a founding member of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Geospatial Sci...

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    • Nelson Villoria

      Nelson Villoria Purdue University

      Dr. Nelson Villoria is an assistant research professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics. His research interests are in the areas of international trade and production economics. His current interests are in the modeling of global land supply and productivity and the interaction between weather fluctuations and trade patterns. Nelson earned his Ph.D. from Purdue University in Agricultural Economics in December 2009. Awards & Honors (2012) GEOSHARE: Geospatial open source hosting of agricultural, resource and environmental data. Department for Internation...

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    • Chandra Biradar

      Chandra Biradar Head of the RS/GIS UnitICARDA

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    • David Lundberg

      David Lundberg aWhere, Inc.

      As a senior executive with over twenty years’ experience in software strategy, operations, and product management, Dave has re-engineered the strategy and operations of numerous software companies into effective, profitable enterprises. Prior to joining aWhere, Dave helped lead his company's acquisition by Microsoft, and most recently served as Dun & Bradstreet/Hoovers Vice President of Product Strategy. The software products under his direction have delivered proven value to the largest global enterprises including IBM, Ford, Volvo, Sun, and Zurich Financial Services. Dave received his Ba...

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    • Stephen Kibet

      Stephen Kibet ConsultantIFPRI

      Stephen is responsible for activities contributing to the implementation of HarvestChoice in East Africa under the guidance of IFPRI’s Harvest Choice Team Leader as well the ReSAKSS East Africa Coordinator (based at ILRI-Nairobi). This includes collection, verification and collation of datasets accessible within the region, interaction with local HarvestChoice partners, and data processing, management and description tasks (including processing of geospatial information). A BS geography (major in GIS and remote sensing) graduate at Moi University in 2011, Stephen was an intern at the Enviro...

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    • exhibitor - Maria Comanescu

      Maria Comanescu 

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    • exhibitor - Byron Anangwe

      Byron Anangwe Product ExecutiveRegional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development

      Byron Anangwe has over 8 years of experience in applied remote sensing and GIS applications gained from active participation and management on projects implemented at the centre.

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    • exhibitor - Kate Sebastian

      Kate Sebastian 

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    • Hannes Gaisberger

      Hannes Gaisberger 

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    • exhibitor - Yoseph Alemayehu

      Yoseph Alemayehu 

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    • exhibitor - Renato Cumani

      Renato Cumani 


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    • Stefan Siebert

      Stefan Siebert INRES

      Profile Crop management is a major determinant of crop yields and crop productivity. The interaction of different management factors among themselves and with physical suitability factors like climate and soil or socioeconomic conditions is challenging and poorly understood so far. My research is focused on the analysis of large scale data sets and the development of large-scale model components to assess the interaction between resource use, crop management and crop productivity. This includes the generation and improvement of data sets required as models inputs. Other int...

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    • exhibitor - Kindie Tesfaye

      Kindie Tesfaye 


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    • An Notenbaert

      An Notenbaert 

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    • Meshack Nyqabenge

      Meshack Nyqabenge ICRAF

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    • Andy Nelson

      Andy Nelson IRRI

      Dr. Andrew Nelson is a geographer and is responsible for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) group at IRRI. Current activities Andy leads the GIS group at IRRI that develops spatial information on rice production across Asia in order to map rice areas, their cropping patterns and the frequency of flood and drought events. We also contribute to the maintenance of key spatial databases on sub-national rice statistics and the Global Administrative Areas database (GADM). Andy's team is developing methods for the continental scale mapping of rice producing areas inclu...

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    • Parvesh Kumar

      Parvesh Kumar Post Doctoral Fellows IRRI

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    • exhibitor - Tunrayo Alabi

      Tunrayo Alabi IITA


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    • Susana Crespo

      Susana Crespo ESRI

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    • Jubal Harpster

      Jubal Harpster FOUNDER/PRINCIPALSpatialDev

      Whether he's developing spatial technology or bicycle racing, Jubal lives on the leading edge. He's been working with spatial information and related technologies for more than 15 years. "I thrive on challenges," said Jubal. What’s the biggest challenge he’s faced? "A performance requirement that a query using a one billion-row table be returned and mapped within two seconds." How did he manage it? "We had to organize the data differently and orient the application toward total performance for the user. We came up with a fairly elegant solution and one that didn’t require a server farm to d...

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