Kai Sonder

  • Specialization:
    GIS, targeting, up scaling, spatial web map applications.

    Research Interest:
    Kai Sonder is the head of the GIS unit of CIMMYT, a cross cutting service unit embedded in the Socioeconomics Program, based in the HQ in Mexico. Dr. Sonder joined CIMMYT in early 2010. He does research on GIS, spatial analysis, targeting, remote sensing, climate change and crop modeling in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Prior to joining CIMMYT, he held the position of head of the geospatial lab of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Nigeria contributing to the centre’s research activities in Africa with support on GIS. Previous to that he worked at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Ethiopia on livestock water productivity in the Nile basin, GIS and forage tree related research. His research background spans 16 years in developing countries in Africa and Latin America mainly related to NRM and crop production. Dr. Sonder holds a PhD in soil conservation and erosion modelling from the University of Hohenheim, Germany and a MSc in Tropical Plant Production with emphasis on agroecology and entomology from the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.

    Recent publications: [list]
    Getnet Assefa, Kijora, C., Aemiro Kehaliew, Sonder, K., Peters, K.J., 2011. Effect of pre-feeding forage treatments, harvesting stage, and animal type on preference of tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis). Agroforesty Systems.
    Verhulst, N., Govaerts, B., Sayre, K.D., Sonder, K., Romero-Perezgrovas, R., Mezzalama, M., Dendooven, L., 2011. Conservation agriculture as a means to mitigate and adapt to climate change, a case study from Mexico. In: Wollenberg, E., Nihart, A., Tapio-Biström, M.-L., Grieg-Gran, M. (Eds.), Climate Change Mitigation and Agriculture. Earthscan, London, In press.
    Junge, B. , Alabi, T. , Sonder, K. , Marcus, S. , Abaidoo, R. , Chikoye, D. and Stahr, K.(2010) ‘Use of remote sensing and GIS for improved natural resources management: case study from different agroecological zones of West Africa’, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 31: 23, 6115 — 6141.

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